The Skal Deck

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The Skal Deck


This is the second edition of the Skål cards expansion for Don’t Fall in the Mead hall and features all new original artwork by Max Alnutt.

The Vikings of yore built structures known as mead halls. Many a community gathering was held there, where drinking, riddle contests, toasting, and boasting took place. The traditional toast, still used in Scandinavia today, was to raise a horn or goblet, pronounce a toast, and loudly proclaim skål (pronounced skol)!

The Skål cards are divided into 9 categories. Simply read the cards, follow the instructions and be sure to close with a hearty skal!

Do you find yourself at a loss for words when it comes to making a toast? Want to add some extra fun to Don't Fall in the Mead Hall? The Skål deck is designed to give you things to toast to and sometimes actions to perform while toasting. When you roll a Skål in the game you draw a card and read the toast. This is a 90-card deck. The cards do not change the gameplay and are used just for fun.

** Don't Fall in the Mead Hall is not required for these cards. Use them on their own if you just want to add some fun to your next party!

The cards are divided into nine categories:

  • Action

  • Serious

  • Funny

  • Tongue Twister

  • Riddle

  • Hávamál Quote

  • Insult

  • Proverb

  • Boast

These cards have UV coating and Linen Texture.

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