Jereme Zimmerman's

Make Mead Like a Viking & Brew Beer Like a Yeti

Bringing the myth and magic back to mead and beer brewing


Long before we had homebrewing stores and websites, ancient societies such as the Norse brewed mead, ale, beer, and other alcoholic beverages using ingredients available in the natural world. To invoke the spirits we now know as yeast, they employed sacred rituals, and passed down heirloom yeast strains through generations. In Make Mead Like a Viking and Brew Beer Like a Yeti be prepared for an unorthodox approach to homebrewing, and to learn about the history and mythology behind fermented alcoholic beverages.


Illustration of yeast-bearing totem stick by Michael Startzman, Adventure Illustrator


About the Author

Jereme Zimmerman is a writer and traditional brewing revivalist who lives in Kentucky with his wife, Jenna, and daughters, Sadie and Maisie. He has been published in various magazines and websites, and travels nationwide to events such as the Mother Earth News Fair to present on topics such as fermentation, natural and holistic homebrewing, modern homesteading, and sustainable living. He is an avid fermenter and researches extensively into traditional fermentation practices in order to revive lost food arts and to educate people on how to preserve food using traditional, natural, and healing ingredients and techniques. His first book, Make Mead Like a Viking, was published in November 2015, and was translated into German as Met Brauen wie ein Wikinger in 2016. His second book, Brew Beer Like a Yeti was published in September 2018.