Book Update and Spring / Summer 2015 Workshop Schedule

The book is coming along. My editor and I are editing away like Viking berserkers, and the design team is working on a cover concept while I finish gathering photos (many of them mine) for what it appears will now be a full-color book with photos throughout. There may even be some illustrations here and there. Unless Ragnarok happens this summer, we're planning on printing in October 2015. 

In the meantime, I'm working on articles on fermentation, homesteading, and sustainable living for publications such as New Pioneer magazine and Backwoods Home magazine. And of course I'm doing my best to fit in blogs for I have to dig out the RedHeadedYeti pelt to write those, though. That thing seriously needs washing, but it bares its teeth and growls anytime I get near it with soap. Stay tuned for updates as these pieces are printed and posted online. You can follow my social media handles for the latest information. For now, here are the dates I have confirmed so far:

Berea, Kentucky Farmer's Market Second Saturday Event: I'll be doing a hands-on presentation on the simplicity of fermenting natural, wild-crafted mead, beer, and wine. I will discuss non-alcohol / low-alcohol fermented beverages as well. The event will take place from approximately 9 am to 1 pm. I haven't confirmed times yet, but I suspect I'll be talking fermentation throughout the day.  

The Whippoorwill Festival -   Skills for Earth-Friendly Living: The first venue where I did my Make Mead Like a Viking workshop. This is a great 4-day skill-sharing festival in my hometown. I'll be doing my mead-making workshop here again this year. I don't have the day and time confirmed for my workshop yet, but the festival is from July 9 - 12.  

Berea, Kentucky Festival of Learnshops: I'm excited to be presenting at this awesome festival that lasts most of the month of July along with several other artisans and DIY enthusiasts that my town seems to be teeming with Hopefully this will be the first of many to come. I'll be doing several workshops at the Village Trough for various dates from July 18 - 25 

Mother Earth News Fair I don't currently have any official workshops lined up for any of these events yet, but stay tuned. I enjoyed doing my "Make Mead Like a Viking" workshop at the Asheville Fair in 2014, but chose not to do it this year so I could focus on finishing up the book and taking care of my new daughter Maisie Jane. My 4-year old daughter Sadie is asking to get up on stage with me again as she did last year. I think I may have a drama queen in the works. Regardless, visit's booth and attend their DIY solar panel and aquaponics workshops, which they'll be presenting at several of the fairs. You may even catch a Viking Yeti siting at the Wisconsin, Kansas, or Pennsylvania event...